Abortion is a fundamental right!
Let's make it a central issue of the elections to the European Parliament!

On 28 September, let's mobilise for abortion rights in Europe!

Access to abortion is under threat all over the world and Europe is no exception. Bans and restrictions on abortion are a serious attack on women's sexual health, autonomy of decision and rights.

In 2023, we must dare to say that a country that restricts the right to abortion is neither democratic nor does abide with the rule of law!

It is therefore essential to create a solidarity movement between the EU Member States before the 2024 elections in order to send a common message about the risks of degradation of fundamental rights, enshrined in the EU Charter and the Lisbon Treaty.

Together, let us make our voices heard and affirm that abortion is an essential human right to guarantee women's equality, dignity and freedom.

We stand in solidarity with women around the world and join the WHO in stating that "access to safe abortion is a crucial component of health care".

On 28 September, let's stand together for the right to abortion for all women!

Join us on 28 September 2023 in Brussels!


Linking the right to abortion with the state of democracy

European mobilisation
for the right to abortion

European mobilisation for the right to abortion

Programme of the day

Conference at the European Parliament

12.00 > 14.00

Conference "Linking the right to abortion with the state of democracy" (More information)

14.00 > 15.30

Networking @ Quartier Léopold (9, place du Luxembourg)

Meeting on the Place du Luxembourg

15.30 > 16h.30

Demonstration placards workshop and customisation of hangers

16.30 > 18.50

Meeting with interventions of representatives from European countries, brass band, stands managed by various Belgian organisations actives on abortion right, reading of testimonies, etc.

Performance of Gisèle Halimi's Plea for Abortion by actress Priscilla Adade.


Symbolic moment and closing words

Linking the Right to Abortion with the State of Democracy

Conference | European Parliament | Programme

12:00 > 12:15 | Welcoming lunch

Panel Discussion Hosted by Hon. Predrag Fred Matic (S&D, Croatia) and Hon. Sophie in 't Veld (Renew Europe, the Netherlands), co-chairs of the MEPs for Sexual and Reproductive Rights

12:30 > 12:35 | Welcome Remarks

Hon. Sophie in 't Veld (Renew Europe, the Netherlands)

12:35 > 12:40 | Addressing Abortion Rights in the Political Context

Sylvie Lausberg, Director of Study & Strategy Unit at the Centre d’Action Laïque

12h:40 > 12:45 | Progress on the Anti-Gender Report

Neil Datta, EPF Executive Director

12:45 > 12:50 | Reproductive Rights: Public health meets women’s advocacy movements

Yvon Englert, Professor of Medicine and Co-Chair of the Group of scientific experts on abortion commissioned by the Belgian federal majority

12:50 > 13:05 | Q&A Session

Moderated by Hon. Sophie in 't Veld (15 minutes)

13:05 > 13:10 | Recent Developments in Poland

Krystyna Kacpura, President of Foundation for Women and Family Planning FEDERA

13:10 > 13:15 | Recent Developments in France: A Parliamentary Perspective

Hon. Guillaume Gouffier-Valente (Renaissance, France)

13:15 > 13:20 | Abortion in the European Union: Actors, Issues, and Discourse

Berengère Marques Pereira, Professor at Université libre de Bruxelles

13:20 > 13:35 | Q&A Session

Moderated by Hon. Sophie in 't Veld (15 minutes)

13:35 > 13:45 | Closing Remarks

Hon. Guillaume Gouffier-Valente and Hon. Predrag Fred Matic


Join us on 28 September 2023 in Brussels!

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